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What is the brand vision, what is its personality, what sort of profile does your brand have and how it is positioned in the marketplace both against competitors and other brands, small, big, niche however they are positioned?

Once having defined a good and clear understanding of your brand stature and its positioning we can move together to the next step and defining the wider internal perspective.

We can assist you to focus on business objectives identification, available resources determination and the timescale your organization is aiming to work with for implementing an entire sponsorship strategy within its marketing wider plan.

As your company or organisation does not exist in isolation, the external environment must be taken into account. This involves a lot of hard work, some data

are already available internally within your corporate offices others could be found externally via specific web researches, data banks or associations. For more accurate results market researches could be the most valuable information sources to consider too.

As consulting Studio, we are together with you to test and define your current brand positioning actually and then we proceed to set

the key questions for completing the whole motorcycling sponsorship context you are approaching in order to make right evaluation and ensure the strategy is absolutely fit for your purposes.



Branding is the key driver while thinking of sport sponsorship strategically. We consider planning your growth through motorcycle racing by the basic values of your brand. Write to us below for starting measure the current stature of your brand image.