Once you have decided within your company that the sport sponsorship is a good fit for your brand, you are ready to proceed with the planning process.

The starting point begins with property selection and the definition of the selection criterias. By the criterias the parties can be more focused for understanding and further discussing the positive touch points between the brand sponsor and the current image of sport team or athlete.

The initial planning phase for sponsorship is the key step for setting also the objectives against your expectations as brand manager for making decisions towards the project of investment.

Sponsorship planning afterwards involves also the branding design progress where brands and teams define colours, shapes and materials for having the best eye catching scheme to use during the period time of their sport relationship.

Each section of the planning process is made up of continuous evaluation to execute a measurable effective programme during the entire project. We can be at your side for developing the planning stages and discuss your strategic sponsorship position.

As consulting Studio, we share our expertise with companies and sport teams to offer them the sponsorship scenario where they would like to enter and compete. We combine the ultimate market research data and the latest information about your market sector, then we focus together on your brand or sport massage that reflect better your image to come up with the ideal creative communication content.

Contents are the tipping point for getting success inside the sponsorship over all, and this is especially significant to enlarge the attention of the sport and motorsport media environment.

Part of our consultancy service, we focus on to identify the key target audiences, in terms of socio-demographics, personal interests and multiple priorities for specific segments of people, that help to outline the target’s choices as personas and then consumers.


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