Once you have decided within your company that the sport sponsorship is a good fit for your brand, then you are ready to proceed with the planning process.

The kick-off for planning starts with the property selection and its selection criterias. The list of the selection criterias allow the parties – the sponsor brand and the sponsee – to describe their sponsorship insights and make the positive touch points between them sharpen.

This initial planning phase for sponsorship is the key point for setting also the objectives against the brand expectations as a company investor and for making financial decisions towards the project of investment.

Central to fruitful planning is also the design process. Colours, shapes, bases and materials are essential to define the best eye catching scheme to use during the period of the sport business relationship.

Each section of the planning process is created to execute a measurable effective programme. We can be at your side to help develop the entire process by the essential milestones that ensure your sponsorship for being evaluated and your brand positioning to be consistent.

As a consulting Studio, we share our expertise to offer you long term collaboration combined with our professional perspective from market research, creative communication and motorsport media environment. 

But last of all, the real tipping point for getting success inside the sponsorship over all, are the contents. Messages, news, results and all the updates made specifically to enrich the back and forth connection with the audience. This is especially relevant to draw attention from sport and media professionals.

We focus on identifying the key target audiences, in terms of socio-demographics, personal interests and multiple priorities for specific segments of people, that help to outline the target’s choices as personas and then consumers.

Write to us to start with an informal conversation and consider digging into details for a custom plan applied to your sponsorship.


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