We have no pretensions to being legally trained to draw up the final agreement but based on our own experience we can assist your company legal team for checking if all sponsorship essential terms are included in the documents and the essentials will undergo in the negotiation.

Set on the legislation of your market base, our team will help you or your in-house lawyer to identify privacy, copyright, trademarks, image rights, ticketing terms and conditions, marketing to children, sales promotions

and all basic rules that need to be taken into account in the context of the sponsorship relationship between the sponsor and the sponsee.

Negotiating a sponsorship relationship may pertain not only to the home markets where sponsors or right-holders are registered but also to those governing the sponsorship in any other markets where the sponsored activity occurs.

We offer your corporate lawyers data and assistance to not miss something critical when working in a sport field and very specific sponsorship

industry for which they might have not accurate frame of reference.

We help you to define the sponsorship and motor racing essential elements by giving you the method to process them all in detail and be ready to discuss them during negotiation.


Write to us below to draft the legal document and start preparing the sponsorship negotiation.