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Activation is how the sponsorship is leveraged and communicated across all the company’s marketing disciplines.

It is the key determinant in building measurable sponsorship relationship and key factor of economic satisfaction and trust.

The commitment in activating a sponsorship entail financial, time and co-operating efforts asking both sponsor and right-holder to deal with vision, perseverance and determination.

While the relationship starts with the initial contract, the additional spending to build the relationship along the time of agreement id optional and a sign of investment.

What is in the contract, what is counted as leverage, the brand equity, the time duration of the relationship and the goals of your strategy, the objective you would like to raise, spending in addition the contract amount depends on several sponsorship contextual factors

and objectives.

A sponsorship activation plan could include, but is not limited to, advertising, promotion, public relations, social media, sampling, direct marketing, internal marketing, hospitality, online advertising, and business-to-business communication.

We can ensure you to study a custom activation plan upon your ongoing relationship.

The take outs you can make count of are: to add measurement to your investment, expand and use all your marketing potential and develop an even stronger sponsorship relationship.


This will determine how the sponsorship activity is campaigned and publicised and how it resonate with consumers, in particular the key target group. Start with us to leverage your great financial effort across your current marketing tactics and strategies.