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17 Mag: Property selection

Il metodo decisionale dedicato esclusivamente alla sponsorizzazione, che consente all’azienda di identificare e descrivere il corretto rapporto tra sé e il contesto sportivo dove verrà esposta l’immagine aziendale.

27 Apr: Proud sponsor of

Oltre l'esposizione del logo, dei colori aziendali o del periodo totale dell'accordo, la sponsorizzazione è una questione di infondere fiducia nei consumatori mantenendo standard etici elevati.

08 Lug: S like STUDIO

We support you and strongly suggest brand sponsor and team to add investment on activation and leverage to take sponsorship to the next level by producing things that nobody else can say and represent instead of your brand or team. Be unique.


08 Lug: S like SPONSORSHIP

Getting people to join your brand involves more than merely impressions. It requires marketers, or the agency, to create the desire for customers to personally identify with your product or service and select it among alternatives, again and again.


08 Lug: Sport Sponsorship Studio

Sponsor Square is new independent sponsorship agency born in 2020 with experience in advertising, market research, media and communication for motorsport ready to support small and medium brands and teams for enhancing their present projects in sport motorcycling.