We like to name our Studio as the glue that keeps union, balance and strong motivation between the two in the sponsorship project.

Studio defines what we are now. The classic definition for a professional Studio applies to our working method and to the key areas of our expertise: marketing, sponsorship, business communication and consumer market research.

Sponsor Square is a new independent consultancy, disposable to initiate collaboration with all brands which are approaching sponsorship for a ‘good fit’ finding purpose within road racing, national and international sport programmes.

Enhance brand’s equity directly through advertising campaigns and indirectly through promotions such as cause championing or event sponsorship.

Sponsor Square is specialised in consumer market research and analysis. We combine it with the creativity in place for your advertising and make sure it is perfectly fit to your design of brand communication. We study social and demographic trends to offer our clients support for designing profitable matches with sport properties. And we work to create value beyond the sport competition with long term brand strategy.

Sponsor Square may be employed for one, or for a MULTIPLE, of the following reasons:
  • To increase the size of your sponsorship team;
  • To augment the skill set of your current sponsorship in-house team;
  • To provide you an independent and more knowledgeable view of the sponsorship industry;
  • To conducting an audit on you current sponsorship activities;
  • To assisting your marketing team in the selection of new properties;
  • To consolidate the sponsorship relationship and determining ongoing values and threats;
  • To draw up your brand sponsorship policy by establishing a focused strategy according to your main business goals;
  • To set a monitor for results on your current activation program;
  • To start setting a custom activation program for your existing sponsorship.

Studies (Gwinner & Eaton, 1999) have proved that the fit between an event and a sponsoring brand is enhanced where there is connection between the two, either funcional the brand or the product is actually used in the event and the ‘image based’, as an abstract mutual perception of values and drivers for growth.

In motorsports this “functional” and “image based” connections are hugely frequent in the international programs like MotoGP, WSBK and major national wise championships which involve large companies supporting yearly in sport teams and riders. 

What values and drivers bring final results to the ‘good fit’ between motorsports and brand investors? We believe in the action of a set of three, for finding the direction:


 Sport– source if information for connecting with specific target audience


Sponsorship – exceptional tool for strengthening the brand positioning and communication


Studio – action planner and storyteller for keeping active the connection with the audience


We study, understand and help local companies or sport teams planning sponsorship, from both perspectives. Sponsor Square is a new independent consultancy based in Italy, with +10 years experience in business communication and advertising programs for national and European business brands. We spend our expertise with companies and racing teams which are looking for to differentiate themselves within motorsports. 

“Start to make the difference” –

Surely “choose for being the different” claims for changes, and courage most of the time. A brand can’t play the same standard things as everyone else does and expect to be unique. One of the really important factors for planning how to make the difference in the marketplace is to ensure the company’s marketing and business objectives are aligned with the sport connection. Then, based on business objectives, it can be worthwhile to start introducing new strategies or elements that differentiate yourself from your past actions and slightly help your positioning take a diverse direction from the other sponsors playing your same position.

Sometimes ‘be different’ can be ugly, a professional consultancy helps business or sport teams to be focused and to maintain their financial efforts working till the finish line. Again, being different can seem weird or sometimes less formal than usual. But managers need to appear as the ones offering something different to the audience. In my experience, the brands that started new trends upon their market segment, then had the best position to lead for raising image and financial results. You can’t continue to ask yourself the same, “What’s everybody else doing?” Comparison is essential for being different but not for following.

If you look at the majority of past and current national motorsport sponsorships, almost all amateur riders do the same thing – they put logos on their hoodies, the team wear, their helmet, their race suits, their website, their hero cards, and social media walls. Moreover, riders and teams with more fundings may also print posters, produce video or present live stories on digital owned media platforms. But basically,  the state of the art is that more than half of teams are doing exactly what all the other ones are doing, offering logo exposure in exchange for financial support. That’s it. 

We try to change. As newborn consultancy Studio – we support and actively suggest brand sponsors and sport teams to embrace the change with us. Consider investing financially apart for activation and leveraging the sponsorship to the next level by producing at loud the exclusive voice that nobody else can use outside the formal sponsorship agreement. 

By this way, the racing team’s efforts can always be successful whether or not they win. Surely the evidence will resonate proportionally to the sport results, but the sponsorship message will work in parallel to always match the positive values of sports. We will be in charge of producing multimedia contents to support the sponsorship positioning with the aim to maintain profitable connection with the fans and the entire target audience.

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