How is sport sponsorship action made by? Are money support or investment everything to keep a valuable sport business relationship up to life?

Sports is widely recognised as one of the strongest drivers for creating people engagement. It is action and passion included. Sports draws huge people’s attention to any single event and in the best case scenario Sport is able to attract practitioners over an entire discipline for championing it. “It claims naturally for team action instead of claiming to get pure attention only”. That’s the main point for making the difference. Sponsor Square intends to meet with all people who are looking for a sustainable business progression, to work for improvement and that strongly believe in differentiating themselves.

The sponsorship agency plays a fundamental role in the long term relationship between the sponsor and the sport rights-holder. In the essential set of three they perform seamless professional sponsorship with focus on producing the activation and sustaining results. In pair with the sponsor more often, the agency holds the responsibility of any valuable piece of branded content, and for creating the highest possible fans and consumer engagement around the whole project. So, the main objective for a sponsorship agency is to offer a structured and creative action plan to its clients, with focus on making the activation part of the final agreement between the investor and the rights holder.

Sport sponsorship represents today a valid alternative to advertising and a sensible complement to classic PR tactics for all brand companies who want to improve their business strategy in a medium-long period of investment. Not excluding all the ones who want to renew a long lasting brand-sport relationship or simply feel the need to refocus their brand or business communication goal.

Primarily, Sponsor Square as sport marketing consultancy supports business companies who believe in sport’s values and need to enhance their current investments in sport motorcycling. 

In professional sponsorship, the agency is prepared for supporting business models to make their own strategic choice about the financial investment and for providing clients creative and insightful contents to nurture action. The activation program is the key ingredient the agency – Sponsor Square – is named to manage during the entire life of the sponsorship agreement, in order to keep the right live energy between the sponsor and the sponsee.



As further added value, in professional sponsorship, the agency is able to give back results, figures and best performances. The consultant enables tracking monitors and sets analysis above all the activities scheduled in the entire sponsorship activation plan. This is the only way to tag results and calculate the value for money against the objectives previously set, beyond having results from media evaluation about the time and the spaces for logo’s exposure.


Giovanna Casa
Founding director

As a part of all that said, Sponsor Square in its role of sport marketing consultancy gives the sponsorship investors strategic support and advisory services to build:


MARKET SCENARIO, the big picture of sponsor competition in motorsport with focus on motorcycling, national and international wise, both as per media figures and time scheduling, in order to be able to plan the brand exposure in a specific set of time;


ACTIVATION PLANNING, a unique and insightful editorial plan aimed to reinforce connection between brands and consumers, centered to spread the motorcycling sport valued system.


ROO and ROI, periodic data report of any input, output and outcome generated from the multimedia activation strategy.

Sponsor Square is a newborn independent sponsorship agency established in 2020 with experience in advertising, market research, media and communication for motorsport. We are ready to support small and medium companies, brands and sport teams for enhancing their present projects in sport motorcycling.

It is only by taking a broader perspective that brands can expect to unlock the true value of sponsorship and use it to drive revenues, strengthen relationships with specific target audiences and also to enhance brand attributes such as reputation, relevance and fill in the overused concept of brand awareness.

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