We assist you in determining whether sponsorship is the correct strategic marketing tool to use. We will advise if your current sponsorship activity is appropriate for your target audience and is working effectively towards your business goals.

it is our play ground,

sport makes sponsorship even more exciting thanks to its dynamic and innovating own nature that acts to improve all over the championship’ season. Here it is the area where teams and athletes meet brands for making a step ahead together.


it is our discipline,

sponsorship is not only related to a formal agreement between the sponsor and the sponsee but if well planned it is one of the most valuable strategic marketing tool for layering business and social impact over a very specific target audience.


it is our nature,

a professional marketing studio is the third play role you find integrated in a well based project. It is made by trust, reliability, creativity, method, measurements, data, content production and support for all activities that bring the sponsorship to life.


As partner consultant we provide the impetus that brings the sponsor and the team together and take responsibility for the implementation and activation of large parts of the sponsorship activation programme.

We normally act like the glue between the sponsor and the right holder. We work close to brands and companies which already invest in sports, and motorsport, offering our expertise in sport marketing. Our focus is to set-up a well based structure of activities as medium-long term sponsorship activation strategy to spend it throughout the main formal agreement in place between the parties 

Having more than 5 years
of experience
We have the reason to believe Sport and Business together have means to get reliable set of measurable activities and reach directly:
  • INPUT like the media coverage or the financial estimated media value;
  • OUTPUT like changes in the target audience’s attitude
  • OUTCOMES like sales value linked to a specific sponsorship activation move
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Our position is challenging, we believe it is very important to build trust and mutual support among any player supporting the sponsorship plan: the brand sponsor, the right-holder as team, rider or athlete and the partner studio consultant.

The best outcome will only be achieved when everyone contributes and act as seamless team member.

Our Experience
Research, commitment, education and a never ending passion for competing have been the most valuable drivers during my whole experience toward becoming a professional independent in 2020 and founding director of Sponsor SquareTM.
Hospitality Coordination, Alpinestars MotoGP
Market Research, GfK Italy - Milan
Advertising and Communication, Havas Digital - Milan