03 May: Economic trends and sponsorship market segment’s updates after the pandemic

Back to normal? Not quite yet… 2021 again showed a certain degree of normality.

15 Apr: 2022 Confidence among sponsorship practitioners and professionals

The latest results of the ESA Sponsorship Sentiment Tracker (SST) showed a minimal rise in confidence in the health of the industry, returning to Wave 12’s score of 7.5 out of 10 in Wave 14.

22 Jul: 2020 Confidence among sponsorship practitioners

An industry survey gauging the health and confidence of leading sponsorship organisations across Europe and giving insights into the response of major sponsors.

08 Jul: S like STUDIO

We support you and strongly suggest brand sponsor and team to add investment on activation and leverage to take sponsorship to the next level by producing things that nobody else can say and represent instead of your brand or team. Be unique.

08 Jul: S like SPONSORSHIP

Getting people to join your brand involves more than merely impressions. It requires marketers, or the agency, to create the desire for customers to personally identify with your product or service and select it among alternatives, again and again.